In 1936, Leendert Ernst Kremer came to the new ‘Zuiderzee’ polder, ‘de Wieringermeer’. There he started the company selling grains, seeds and legumes.

The first warehouse was build in 1942, which got washed away completely by the floods at the end of WWII. It only took a few years before it had been reconstructed and the first agricultural seeds were being processed. Grains were being transported by horse carriage. Though, a major change in mechanization started when trucks were introduced.

In the 60’s and 70’s, the company started to grow and soon new warehouses, silos and seed processing machines were being build.

In 1988, Jan Kremer, Leenderts only son, got in his footsteps and slowly the processing of bakery seeds became more important. More attention was been given to food safety, which caused a great demand for new processing technology. Kremer Zaden have always been searching for innovative solutions, and always found them. Because of that, we are the leading company in processing bakery products and other seeds.

Our small world is getting even smaller and chains even shorter. That’s why we are partner in seeds production company in West-Africa; Maxigrana, established in Burkina Faso.